Corporate Attorney (Part Time/Remote)

Posted 3 weeks ago

Our client, a Boston-area law firm, is looking for a PT Attorney for its team.


Startup Attorney Position (Remote)

Our client is seeking a talented corporate attorney to help support our remarkable clients in a sophisticated corporate law practice. This role is for someone who loves working with entrepreneurs and emerging companies, but wants more control in directing their own career and more flexibility to work from home. 

This Role Would Be Perfect For You If:

  • You have 1-3 years experience as a corporate attorney with some experience working with emerging companies and entrepreneurs. 
  • You are competent, confident and fully capable of working independently and productively from home without the structure and direction of a traditional office environment.
  • You are practical, intellectually curious and enjoy working closely with clients and other lawyers at the firm to solve unique problems.
  • You are personally invested in the success of our clients (you really, truly care).
  • You are very detail-oriented.
  • You are open to training and have an interest in improving skills.
  • You are personable, humble and trustworthy.  Clients and coworkers genuinely like you.
  • You are willing to admit mistakes, correct them and learn from them.
  • You want more control over your career and how it fits in with other priorities in your life. You may have even tried part-time structures, but the only aspect of the job that was part time was the pay.
  • You have outside interests (family, hobbies, etc.) that you are passionate about and you are looking for a place where you can still do sophisticated and challenging work, but have the flexibility to manage the other things that are important to you.  
  • You are an entrepreneur at heart.

Your Responsibilities Would Likely Include:

  • Working alongside a partner on all types of corporate matters that apply to start-ups:  
    • Choosing and starting an entity (c-corp, LLC and s-corp)
    • Reviewing and negotiating customer, vendor and other agreements for third party relationships
    • Drafting corporate documents (board documents, offer letters, NDAs, customer contracts, license agreements, etc.)
    • Supporting early stage equity and debt transactions by conducting due diligence, drafting documents, managing the closing process, etc.  More leadership type roles can evolve over time.
    • Supporting (usually sell side) M&A transactions by conducting due diligence, drafting documents, managing the closing process, etc.  
    • Managing option plans and cap tables
    • Fielding questions from clients
  • Handling some matters independently and working “second chair” on more complex issues, depending on experience and interest. This structure would evolve over time and there would be room to build your own practice over time.
  • Working on your own existing relationships (and keeping more of what you bill) and even building your own practice with our support (if desired).  
  • Working with partners to help develop and document how we do things. The goal is to develop a set of best practices for helping emerging companies succeed.
  • Working from home and generally setting your own hours (although being reasonably responsive).  We would also have regular meetings/calls between the CC attorneys for training and for general updates.  These meetings and calls are scheduled at times that work for all involved. 

Position Specifics:

  • Title:  Principal (we all have that title)
  • Hours:  We are looking for about 10-20 billable hours per week (and a little more time to handle non-billable tasks).  This could change over time depending on your goals and the workload.
  • Pay:  We can work either hourly or on a salary basis.  For a salary structure, we would start with a base salary that assumes a certain amount of billable hours, but includes incentives if hours are exceeded.  The structure also includes revenue-sharing for originating work.
  • Benefits:  To the extent eligible under the plan, we offer 401K (with profit sharing).  We also provide for CLE support.  We offer unlimited PTO for salaried employees.
  • Location:  Work remotely. Ideally, the candidate would be located in the Boston area to allow for collaboration, but other locations can work too.