Instructional Designer – Contract

Posted 3 months ago

Looking for a Instructional Designer for a data analytics company specializing in D2C e-commerce to improve the Customer Success system.

This is a 3-6 month remote role.

Experience is SaaS &/or e-commerce is required.

Project Goal:

Enable three sets of constituents (merchants, employees and partners) to learn two key fundamentals by creating a detailed FAQ/Customer Service System:

  • How eCommerce works and the concepts you need to understand in order to run an eCommerce business
  • How to use our platform to support customer in running an eCommerce business
  • How to use Shopify – Links on how you would execute a key concept in Shopify
  • How to use Partner Tools – Links on how you would execute a key concept in the Partner Tool

Content Development:

SME Development: The SME will be responsible for generating raw content (video) that will be transformed into the final output version for the business

Output Formats

•Final output will be two potential formats:
•Text + Images (i.e. blog)
•Ecommerce Analytics: Video
•Technical Documentation: Text + Image
•Will be transcribed internally
•Go to Copy Writer (technical writer for tone and language)
•Go to Designer for web page
•Onboarding: Both
Experience with HubSpot, ZenDesk, and Shopify

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