CatchUp - Marissa Alonzo Ackerman

This month’s CatchUp is with MomUp superstar, Marissa Alonzo Ackerman, now a Customer Service Coordinator at Pet Loyalty!

Tell us a bit about you!

My name is Marissa and I am a first generation college graduate from Texas State, a family-oriented community leader, and a well-rounded business professional that has held multiple roles related to business development for the tech industry. I also am an advocate for children with nonverbal autism, including my son, and have worked hard to find the best positions and companies to partner with that can support working moms and caregivers. Outside of work/mom life I love reading, writing, painting, and being outdoors.

How has MomUp helped you?

MomUp helped me secure a new role after a six month hiatus from the tech industry searching for new mission driven roles for startups. It helped me not only get a job offer but also helped me find a company that had a realistic approach to hiring cycles that benefited us both and coached me in a way that was personal and relatable.

What career highlight are you most proud of?

I believe the biggest highlight of my career is being able to work in different stages of the business cycle for tech startups, from sales development, partnerships, marketing, and client success. As a woman and as a Latina I represent a small but mighty portion of the workforce for the tech industry and I love being able to learn, support, and mentor others through the work I have achieved.

What is the first job you ever had?

My very first job I ever had was at a local Mom and Pop fast food chicken restaurant as a cashier. I learned a lot about small business from the owners who were very hands on with every member of the team.

What are your best job search tips?

I believe some of the best job search tips I have received and have seen is to lean in to your network for referrals or introductions, utilizing niche sites (like MomUp), and really always be continuously searching. In the tech industry specifically it is ever changing with lots of harsh ebbs and flows and keeping your job search/google alerts on about upcoming jobs or opportunities is a must.

Advice on balancing work and personal life?

I don't know the perfect formula, but for me personally it is having the opportunity to have remote work. Remote work has allowed me since 2018 achieve greater relationships with my children and husband, flexibility to manage my own tasks/goals, and opportunities to connect with global teams. It's not for everyone, but it is for me.