Laura Litwiller

Laura is a career coach for educators. She works with classroom teachers, school administrators, higher education professionals, professors, and experiential educators to find their own version of career happiness. Laura helps her clients discover and explore new career paths, transition to a new career field, find more joy in their current work, and, YES, feel hope and excitement about their career again! Laura lives in Massachusetts (though she’s a Midwesterner at heart!) with her husband and two young daughters. Her own work has run the gamut in education: teaching high school Spanish, advising college students, directing a study abroad program, and instructing an urban cycling course.
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Laura Litwiller

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Laura is known for helping educators deepen their self-understanding in the name of a fulfilling career. She guides her clients through a process of clarifying their values, strengths, desires, and personality so that they can conduct a job search empowered with clarity, confidence, and direction.

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  • Career Coach for Educators


In your introductory call with Laura you will determine how to focus your two coaching sessions.

Some sample topics include

  • Deciding whether to stay in education or leave to pursue other work
  • Exploring career alternatives to education
  • Finding more joy in your current work as an educator
  • Completing reflections or assessments on personality, strengths, or values
  • Learning how to open up your career exploration or job search to include other people

Additional coaching sessions can be purchased in order to continue building on the work we do in these first two sessions.


As a mama of three young kiddos, I have been fairly disconnected from my professional self for the last 8 years so diving back in was a bit of an emotional journey for me! Laura guided me through a process that renewed confidence in my strengths, made connections between my past work and volunteer experiences, and left me excited about my future possibilities. I now have a more focused idea of what I'd like to do and a plan on how to get there that's realistic and motivating. Laura is a joy to work with and just a wonderful human being to have cheering you on!
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Leaving the classroom was a huge step for me. I was daunted by finding a job outside of a school and skeptical that I would. After working with Laura, I felt confident that I was pursuing opportunities based in truths about my personality, strengths, interests, and values. I saw more clearly what I had to offer and how my teaching experience could translate to other roles or industries.
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