Embrace Your Voice: The Power of Self-Advocacy to Stand out and Thrive

Download the slides/handout before watchingDownload the slides/handout before watching

In this session participants will uncover a new perspective on how to self-advocate to rise above challenges and stand out. With an emphasis on embracing one’s unique voice, this session will offer practical insights and strategies to step into your power and self-promote with confidence & authenticity, raise your visibility, gain recognition and amplify your area of influence.

Key Highlights:

  • Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt. Gain clarity and insight into the common barriers to self-advocacy and your inner critic.
  • Embrace your Voice. Learn how to create an environment that nurtures and uplifts, empowering you to confidently tap into your voice and embrace self-promotion.
  • From Intention to Action. Learn easy to apply tactics to enhance visibility, gain recognition and expand your area of influence.

Speaker:  Ilhiana Rojas

Ilhiana is an award-winning Executive & Leadership Coach, a DEI Consultant, a Women and Hispanic advocate, a Bestselling Author, and an international motivational speaker. Ilhiana has over 20yrs of global executive experience in top Fortune 500 companies in Mexico and US headquarters, leading and coaching professionals and businesses to success. As a successful serial entrepreneur, founder of BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting and UNITED LATINAS, Ilhiana is a certified expert in leadership and DEI best practices that help build resilient, collaborative, and high-performing leaders and cultures. Ilhiana has coached leaders of all levels and has delivered impactful coaching programs to thousands of professionals across multiple industries and sectors. She has also been the driving force in the launch of four women’s leadership development programs in Europe, LAM, and US. Ilhiana has been recognized by the NY Journal as a 2021 top 10 Inspiring Women to Watch, by ALPFA as a 2021 Latina to Watch, and obtained a 2022 Women in Business Stevie Gold Award, a 2023 P&G Alumni DEI Award and a 2023 Top Women Coaches Award by WomELLE. In addition to coaching, Ilhiana serves on different Boards and organizations supporting initiatives that center on the empowerment of women and Hispanic Populations  Ilhiana graduated with honors as a Chemical Engineer in Mexico City and lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two kids.