Turn Doubt into Drive: Practical Tips to Be Your Own Hype Person

Download the slides/handout before watchingDownload the slides/handout before watching

When met with a new opportunity, many emotions usually arise. Among them, excitement and curiosity, but likely also fear and doubt. Give it a little time and the fear and doubt can grow quickly and play a larger role than it should, causing some to change their minds or hold back their potential. How do you proceed? Join us for this hands-on session to:

  • Identify ways to manage the fear and doubt that comes with a new opportunity
  • Reflect on your past successes and harness them towards something you want
  • Take personal and professional learnings and implement them into a conversation using the STAR method

Speaker:  Mona Sheth

With a dynamic career spanning from her roots in her mother's salon to corporate ventures at Deloitte & Touche Disney, & Indeed, Mona embarked on a transformative journey. Discovering her passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching, and honing her skills at Indeed for over 12 years, Mona specializes in leadership development. Certified as an Executive Coach through Columbia University, she is dedicated to guiding individuals towards their fullest potential, drawing from diverse industry experiences. Mona’s mission is to empower clients across all career stages to declutter their minds and take action.